Peter Nemetz

Peter Nemetz

BA (British Columbia), AM PhD (Harvard)
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division

Contact Information

Office David Lam 425
Tel (604) 822-8443
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Research Interests

  • Sustainable development, ecological economics and policy
  • Epidemiology and public policy
  • International business and economics
  • The economics of natural disasters

Selected Recent Publications

  • Philippe Tortell, Margot Young and Peter Nemetz (ed.) Reflections of Canada..  Illuminating our Opportunities and Challenges at 150+ years, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, June 2017.
  • Peter Nemetz, "Reconstructing the Sustainability Narrative: Separating Myth from Reality," Chapter 2 in Sustainability: Key Issues, Helen Kopnina and Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet (eds.) Routledge,2015, published. 
  • Peter N. Nemetz, Carin Y. Smith, Kent R. Bailey, Jane A. Emerson, Veronique L. Roger, William D. Edwards, Cynthia L. Leibson, "Successes and Challenges in the Battle Against Coronary Artery Disease: A Tale of Two Population Subgroups," American Journal of Medicine,on-line version published November 2015; print version will appear April 2016.
  • Peter N Nemetz, Business and the Sustainability Challenge: An Integrated Approach, Routledge, August 2013
  • Peter N.Nemetz (ed.) Sustainable Resource Management: Reality or Illusion? Edward Elgar, April 2007

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