JoAndrea (Joey) Hoegg

BA, BEd (UBC), PhD (Florida)
Associate Professor and Chair, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division
Canada Research Chair in Consumer Behaviour
Alumni Professorship in Marketing

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus 575
Tel 604-827-4541

Research Interests

  • Sensory Marketing 
  • Consumer response to product design
  • Consumer-brand relationships 

Courses Taught in 2018-2019

  • Marketing(MBA)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Henkel, Alex P., Johannes Boegershausen, JoAndrea Hoegg, Karl Aquino, and Jos Lemmink (2018). Discounting Humanity: When Consumers are Price Conscious Employees Appear Less Human. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 28 (April), 272-292.
  • Dunn, Lea and JoAndrea Hoegg (2014). The Influence of Fear on Emotional Brand Attachment. Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (June), 152-168.
  • Hoegg, J., Scott, M., Morales, A., Dahl, D. (2014). The Flip Side of Vanity Sizing: How Consumers Respond to and Compensate for Larger than Expected Clothing Sizes. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24 (January), 70-78.
  • Jiang, Lan, JoAndrea Hoegg, and Darren W. Dahl (2013), “Consumer Reaction to Unearned Preferential Treatment,” Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (October), 412-427.
  • Chae, B., Hoegg, J. (2013).The Future Looks “Right”: The Impact of Spatial Position of Advertising Images on Product Attitude. Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (August), 223-238.

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