Keith Head

BA (Swarthmore Col), PhD (MIT)
HSBC Professor in Asian Commerce
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division

Contact Information

Office Henry Angus 281
Tel (604) 822-8492
Personal Web Page

Research Interests

  • International trade 
  • Multinational enterprises 
  • Economic geography
  • Industrial organization 

Courses Taught in 2018-2019

  • Government and Business (BCom)
  • Research Methodology (PhD course)

Selected Recent Publications

  • Head, Keith, Ran Jing and John Ries, "Import Sourcing of Chinese Cities: Order versus Randomness" Journal of International Economics 105, 119-129, 2017
  • Head, Keith, John Ries, Xiaonan Sun, and Junjie Hong, "The legacy of 19th century treaties on the current trade of Chinese cities" Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics 22(3), 251-270, 2015
  • Chandra, Ambarish, Keith Head and Mariano Tappata, "Economics of Cross-border Travel," Review of Economics and Statistics 96(4), 648-661, October 2014
  • Head, Keith Ran Jing and Deborah Swenson, "From Beijing to Bentonville: Do Multinational Retailers Link Markets?" Journal of Development Economics, 110, 79-92, September 2014 
  • Head, Keith,Thierry Mayer, and Mathias Thoenig, "Welfare and trade without Pareto"  American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings 104(5); 310-16, May 2014 

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