Christopher James Rowell

Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow, UBC         

Research Interests: Technology strategy and innovation; Distributed and community-based organizational forms; Platform ecosystems; Institutional theory' Time and temporality in organizing [CV]

Dennis Ma

Research Interests: Organization Theory; Social Networks; Family Business; Immigrants; Incivility and Discrimination; Life Course Research; Organizational Ecology
Natalya Alonso

Research Interests: Gender and Diversity in the Workplace; Harasssment; Identity Management

Barnini Bhattacharyya

Research Interests: Race and Gender Relations at the Workplace; Prejudice and Discrimination; Power and Status; Work and Family; Identity

Fericke Pascale Pascale Fricke

Research Interests: Workplace stressors; Entrepreneurship; Corporate Social Responsibility; Leadership and Ethics

Zhong Rui      Rui (Hammer) Zhong

Research Interests: Workplace deviance; abusive supervision; workplace gossip; and followership

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