OBHR Division Seminar Series

January 17, 2003  (* Recruiting Seminar *)
Claus Rerup, University Of Pennsylvania

Title: Learning From Success, Failure And Non-Events: A Study Of Event Enactment In The North European Ferry Industry, 1960-2000
Henry Angus Penthouse  1:30-3:00 pm PT

January 21, 2003 (* Recruiting Seminar *)
Marc-David Seidel, University Of Texas At Austin

Title: Research Impact: Social Network Research, Framing, And Change In Board Network Ties"
Henry Angus Penthouse  10:00-11:30 am PT

January 24, 2003  (* SFU/UBC Joint Distinguished Speaker Series *)
Jim March, Stanford University

Title: TBA
Location TBA  1:30-3:00 pm PT

January 28, 2003
Peter D. Sherer, University of Oregon

Title: Simon's Theory of the Employment Relationship Revisited: An Expanded View
HA Penthouse 1:30-3:00 pm PT

February 4, 2003 (* Recruiting Seminar *)
Sean A. Way, Rutgers University

Title: Human Resource Flexibility: The Construct and Measuring Instrument
HA Penthouse 1:30-3:00 pm PT

February 17, 2003
Sara Slinn, University of Toronto

Title: An Analysis of the Effect of Legislative Change in Union Certification
HA 423  2:45-4:15 pm PT

February 28, 2003
John Logan, London School of Economics & Political Science, UK.
Currently visiting scholar at the University of California, LA

Title: Labor's "Last Stand in National Politics"? The Campaign for Striker Replacement Legislation, 1988-1996
HA Penthouse 1:30-3:00 pm PT

March 6, 2003
Danielle van Jaarsveld, Cornell University

Title: Labor Market Intermediaries and the Information Technology Workforce
HA Penthouse 1:30-3:00 pm PT

April 4, 2003
Professor Joel A.C. Baum, University of Toronto

Title: Where Do Small Worlds Come From?
HA Penthouse 10:30-12:00 noon PT

May 2, 2003
Professor Joerg Dietz, University of Western Ontario

Title: Exploring the Dark Side of Organizational Commitment: Compliance with Business Justifications for Employment Discrimination
HA Penthouse 1:30-3:00 pm PT
Abstract (PDF, 7k)

October 15, 2003
Graham Brown, PhD Student, OBHR Division, Sauder School of Business, UBC

Title: Territoriality in Organizations
HA Penthouse 1:30-3:00 pm PT

October 31, 2003
David Patient, PhD Candidate, OBHR Division, Sauder School of Business, UBC
PhD Thesis Proposal Defence: Why Managers Don't Always Do the Right Thing When Delivering Bad News: The Effect of Status and Threats to Self-Esteem
HA Penthouse 1:00 -2:30 pm PT

November 14, 2003
Hakan Ozcelik, PhD Candidate, OBHR Division, Sauder School of Business, UBC
Emotional Fit in the Workplace: Its Psychological and Behavioral Outcomes
HA Penthouse  1:00-2:30 pm PT

November 17, 2003
Timothy Vogus, University of Michigan

Title: In Search of Mechanisms: How Do HR Practices Affect Organizational Performance?
HA 423  11:30 am - 1:00 pm PT

November 24, 2003 (* Recruiting Seminar *)
Lisa Cohen, University of Michigan

Title: What's the Difference? Understanding Variation in a Job
David Lam 416  11:30 - 1:00 pm PT

December 11, 2003
Christopher Zatzick, Simon Fraser University

Title: High-Commitment Management and Workforce Reduction: Competitive Advantage or Disadvantage?
HA Penthouse  2:30 - 4:00 pm PT

December 15, 2003
Jian Han, Cornell University

Title: Applicant Attraction in the Early Phase of Recruitment
HA Penthouse  11:30-1:00 pm PT