All of our graduates have gone on to academic positions at research universities. Although this is the goal of every marketing PhD program, very few achieve it. Below is a complete list of current placements of our recent graduates.

Year Name First Placement
2016 Thomas Allard
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2016 Sina Ghotbi
BuildDirect Technologies Co.
2015 Kirk Kristofferson
Arizona State University
2014 Boyoun (Grace) Chae
Temple University
2014 Lea Dunn
University of Washington
2014 Chen Wang
Drexel University
2013 Lily Lin
California State University, Los Angeles
2011 Ravi Mehta University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2010 Lan Jiang City University of Hong Kong
2009 Brent McFerran Simon Fraser University
2008 Miranda Goode University of Western Ontario
2008 Xiaohua Zeng City University of Hong Kong
2007 Tieshan Li Concordia University
2005 Jason Ho Simon Fraser University
2004 Laurence Ashworth Queen's University
2004 Freddy Lee California State University, Los Angeles
2004 Kelly Main University of Manitoba
2004 Robin Ritchie Carleton University
2002 Yong Liu University of Arizona
2001 Cindy Chung Nanyang Technological University
1998 Sanjeev Swami Indian Institute of Technology
1998 Kwangpil Chang Hallym University
1998 Darren Dahl University of British Columbia