Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will the PMF take up?

The short answer: Quite a bit! The summer internships between 2nd and 3rd year (junior internship) and between 3rd and 4th year (senior Internship) at UBC, typically run from early May to mid-August. Following the junior internship, the PMF students travel for a week to New York to meet alumni and friends of the program.

During the academic year, the students meet in formal investment meetings, typically twice per week; those meetings can run from 2 hours to 5 hours. Preparing for those investment meetings requires the bulk of your time. You will be researching currently-held and potential new stocks for the portfolio, as well as reading the research produced by the other PMF students, in preparation for the discussions at the investment meetings. Added up, the time commitment could be 20 – 30 hours per week: almost a full-time job!

Other, non-PMF activities, must take a subordinate (but not non-existent!) position to the PMF priority.

What factors are considered in the selection process?

Many students think, incorrectly, that grades are the primary determinant of who is admitted to the PMF. Success in the capital markets is greatly aided by intelligence, but that doesn’t always show up in university grades, and we understand that. So, we consider all relevant aspects of the candidate, including:

  • A desire to learn: applicants aren’t expected to “know” finance; we’ll teach you that! However, if you’re not highly motivated to learn, we can’t help you.
  • A “grounded” personality: an applicant needs to have a realistic perspective about who they are. This can come about by your upbringing, or by having faced difficult times during your life, leading the candidate to have a humility that comes with a realistic self-perspective.
  • Empathy: the candidate should be able to put themselves in others’ shoes, and be willing, and eager, to learn others’ experiences and perspectives.

If this doesn’t sound like a description of the “wolf of Wall Street,” that’s because we are not interested in self-absorbed, selfish people who are willing to climb over others to achieve their personal goals. Wall Street, and Bay Street, do have such characters, but they tend to come, and then go. We want long-term winners!

What is expected of PMF students, and what comes from achieving those expectations?

We expect PMF students to (see the 5 PMF Values):

  • Work hard
  • Be respectful of your classmates and others, in and out of the PMF, the Sauder School, etc.
  • Do the right thing; if you’re not sure what that is, ASK the Faculty Supervisors!
  • Put the goals of the organization, your team, above your personal ones. Striving for PMF success will bring personal success with it! This has been proven many times over in the PMF.
  • Take advantage of the tremendous learning opportunities provided to you by the PMF.

What follows from meeting these expectations will be a cohesive, successful class of PMF students who will leave UBC on the beginning of a great career path through the global capital markets, and some life-long friends.