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Full professor
 Ron Cenfetelli Ron Cenfetelli

Research Interests:  Human computer interactions; E-Business; IT-mediated customer service; Negative aspects of technology; Structural equation modelling; Survey research techniques; Multi-level modelling.

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Russell Lundholm 2011
Russell Lundholm (Division Chair)

Research Interests: Financial Statement Analysis; Forecasting Equity Valuation.

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Associate professor
Joy Begley

Research Interests: Empirical financial accounting; Positive accounting theory; Use of accounting information to control agency problems; Empirical implications of the Feltham and Ohlson Valuation Model.

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 Cavusoglu Hasan Cavusoglu

Research Interests: Strategic impact of information technology (IT) investments; Relationship between the value of IT and the competitive advantage created by the implementation of IT; Product variety and differentiation on the Internet; Information system security; Information security management; Design and implementation issues in information security management.

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Sandra Chamberlain

Research Interests: Accounting and the economics of; Valuation of publicly traded firms using accounting information; Accounting and contracting; Earnings quality; Accounting for Financial Institutions.

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Kin Lo

Research Interests: Empirical research in financial accounting and reporting; Investigating the motives and effects of voluntary disclosures; The effects of alternative regulated reporting regimes; Refinement of accounting research methodology; Examining the role of accounting in equity valuation.

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Carson Woo

Research Interests:
Conceptual modelling; information systems analysis and design; requirements engineering; applications of block chain and artificial intelligence to business; and philosophy of design science.

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Jenny Li Zhang

Research Interests: Financial reporting and disclosure; Effect of managerial style on financial reporting; Accounting issues related to special purpose entities (SPEs).

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Assistant professor
 Aziz Arslan Arslan Aziz

Research Interests: Online advertising; privacy; mobile economy; digital word-of-mouth; user-generated content; platforms & market places; casual inference methods including field, natural & quasi-experiments; econometrics; game theory; machine learning

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Alexander Bleck

Research Interests: Boundary of the firm, the market and regulation.

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Gene Moo Lee

Research Interests: Topics: Big Data Analytics, Mobile Ecosystem, Social Media, E-commerce, Cybersecurity
Methodologies: Machine Learning, Network Analysis, Econometrics

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Ning Nan

Research Interests: Complex adaptive systems; Multi-agent modeling; Post-adoptive IT use; Online community; Dispersed teamwork; IT infrastructure.

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Rajesh Vijayaraghavan

Research Interests: Accounting and risk management in financial institutions; Disclosure; Corporate governance and performance measurement; Corporate Finance; Applications of machine learning

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 Yeung Ira Yeung

Research Interests: Voluntary Disclosure, Information Quality, Financial Institutions

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Xin Zheng

Research Interests: SEC Enforcement; Securities Litigation; Auditing; Fraud; Regulation; Financial Reporting

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Full-time lecturer
Yau-Man Cheung
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 Mary Chong Mary Chong

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Chung Tran Chung

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Robert Jackes

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Jeff Kroeker

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Saunders  Adam Saunders

Research Interests: Information Technology and Economics; Intangible Assets; Textual Analysis.

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Scott Sinclair

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Sessional lecturer
Chuck Campbell
Charles (Chuck) Campbell

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William (Bill) Dorfmann

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Patricia Mallia
Patricia Mallia

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Arash Saghafi

Research Interests: Data modelling and analytics; Application of ontology in conceptual modelling; Empirical evaluation of design artifacts.

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Adjunct professor
Bhanna Blake Hanna

Research Interests: Primary research area of interest is in helping clients achieve the maximum benefits from their transformational technology programs.

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Jessica Louie

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 No Image Available  Baljeet Malhotra

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Erin Rao

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