UBC Sauder Love Stories | 2017

Charlie & Emily

BCom 2016


Emily and I first met during lunch period at the Spark leaders' orientation session. We chatted casually over tea and coffee from Great Dane on that summer afternoon and munched on savory wraps while waiting for the second part of our training. We felt a connection as we shared our past experiences with orientation, leadership, and aspirations for the years to come.

Throughout the following summer, we saw each other often and explored every nook and cranny of Vancouver, relishing every date as if it could be our last. Our mutual love for philosophy, entrepreneurship, fine drinks, and dorky past times thrust us into a series of date-nights where we would drown in wine and the scripts of Descartes, ponder the subtle thematic motifs in Game of Thrones, and debate the impending consequences of artificial intelligence. We drove to Whistler for a spa and zipline trip in the summer shortly after we started seeing each other, and shot a cheesy video to remember it by. You can see our 2 minute recap video here:

Since she lived on campus, I would visit UBC often. Beaches around Vancouver became a go-to hangout location for us, and movies were also a frequent stop. Campus is now like a second home to me. I manage my business in Richmond, and spend by free time in Wesbrook village with her. Walking into Sauder to pickup her up from class brings back memories of the time I've spent in the halls, and walking along the concrete paths on main mall provides some much needed relaxation.

Gary & Linda

BCom 1971


I saw Linda Shine at Hillel House on UBC campus. Her pony tail fell over her leather frilled jacket and her face was full of laughter. I left the stress filled law school study hall for Brock Hall where I ensconced myself in a desk strategically placed to be able to walk by Linda on my way to the coffee machine. I needed to build my courage to say the right words to this blue eyed beauty. Ok here goes "Hi want to take a break and join me in a coffee." Response "Sure why not if you want to spend 25 cents on me.”  I persevered in that smoke-filled hall. At last the big ask "Would you like to go to a UBC Football game this weekend?" Response "No." "Want to go out next week?" -"Busy for the next month."

Five weeks later I drive up in my 1970 purple, 383hp hurst shift barracuda for our first date. Linda slouches in her seat "I don't want anyone in my neighbourhood to see me in this car!" Well we progress or rather I persevere. Linda takes me to the Auditorium for Thursday $1 chow mein. I learn how to use chop sticks. Then we go big time to the Ho Inn on Pender Street. The Shine Family is well known here and we get front of the line entry.

Summer 1971, Linda does a European vacation and I write long Air Mail letters full of my best romantic prose. She tells me these are the funniest stuff she has read but she kept them all. A good sign don't you think? I did. Linda asks me to play a postman in a play which she is directing at Freddy Wood Theatre as part of her Theatre course. The play was a drama but my presence elicited laughter from the audience. I am no thespian.

I proposed to Linda in my bedroom. Not romantic. We married in 1973 and honeymooned in Mexico where we both contracted stomach cramps. We have been married for 43 years mostly very happy. There was one condition of marriage. I sold the purple barracuda.

Frank & Alyssa

BCom 2014


Frank and Alyssa are both alumni of UBC Sauder's BCOM program. They met in their final year through a memorable course - 486R Leadership & Management. Alyssa had her eyes set on Frank the moment she saw him walk in to the course's first retreat. He offered his jacket for her to sit on while they played monopoly on the floor. On the night of their graduation prom, Frank made his feelings and the relationship official by giving Alyssa a piggy-back ride back to the car and they've been together happily ever after!

Peggy & Gordon

BCom 1985


Dr. Dawson was an English 100 professor in January of 1980. He had no idea what he'd put in motion when he subtly hinted that I might not be up to the calibre of his z-section ENGL 100 students and shouldn't bother to meet my random match for the ENGL 100 debate. I made sure I was on time and actively participated.

At the end of the class he introduced me to my debating partner, Gordon Flanigan, then announced to the class that the subject for the competition was "Does sexual liberation lead to moral decline?" By the time we went on our first date with the Chinese Varsity Society for New Year, you can imagine we knew all about each other's values, beliefs as well as aspirations. We were meant to be even as we honed our debating skills with each other over the years. We both went on for advanced degrees. We spent many hours with hot beverages and cinnamon buns at the Bus Stop, Chow Mein at the Chinese takeout in the Physics building and beers in the Pit. Walks in from B-lot, as well as weekly middle of the night in the Computer Science building waiting for a coveted seat and keyboard to log on to the mainframe, and then later waiting for printouts, gave us lots of time to talk. We met with our colleagues in Sedgwick library every day to see who figured out the lectures and homework, and who had the best notes.

We became engaged one beautiful July evening in 1983, looking over the lights of Vancouver and UBC from Cypress Mountain. After so many years at school we finally married in 1987, holding the reception at the Grad Centre, when our coursework came to an end. I took a job with Shell Canada and Gordon transferred with Deloitte Haskins in Calgary, and we made our lives there.

30 years later, we are still each others' best friend, raising our three kids in the roller coaster economy of Alberta. Most of our siblings and their spouses are also from UBC. We've taken our children out to UBC many times as they were growing up, partly to spark enthusiasm for higher education, but also to let them know that sometimes you get much more for your life than and education!!

Magee & Friends

BCom 2009


There's no bonding experience quite like the NAIOP Pacific Northwest Real Estate Challenge! Eight years ago, 11 relative strangers - all undergraduate Sauder students - were placed on a team to compete in this real estate development challenge in Seattle. We may have lost the competition (we were robbed!), but we became a pretty tight knit group in the process. We also dominated in Storm the Wall that year - it seems we had a lot of pent up stress from the competition.

Nearly a decade later, our group still meets up on a regular basis. Our annual Christmas Dinner (always at the Irish Heather) is a highlight of the holiday season, and we stay in touch the rest of the year through occasional hiking trips, ski days, and after-work drinks. We've seen each other through first jobs, international moves, career changes, quarter life crises, marriages, and even a couple of kids. 

Of course, if we win the $250, it will go towards our Christmas Dinner 2017 tab. So happy Valentine's Day to my fellow NAIOPerators: Adina, Mike, Kam, Alvin (in California), Brian, Evan, Bridget, Anson (in Hong Kong), Doug, John Allan; our honorary members, Anna and Brian; and our fearless leader, Tsur Somerville. 

Kevin & Kaitlyne

BCom 2010

Kevin and Kaitlyne

Who would have thought that the quiet girl who sat next to me on the first morning of Frosh, in a classroom in Angus, would end up being my fiancée? The story of the introverted, private and studious girl, getting together with this partying/gambling social butterfly doesn't start at Frosh though; nor does it even start during undergrad. Despite my advances and invitations to many of my birthdays and to hang out, I got nowhere fast with Kaitlyne during our time at UBC. It wasn't until we had both graduated and started our respective careers in the banking industry did she finally accept an invitation to see a movie with me. If Sauder taught me nothing else, persistence is key!! (Or you eventually wear them out, but let's pretend it's because of my charm and persistence). Initially the most common reaction from friends when they discovered that we had started dating was shock or amazement. One of our close mutual friends was literally speechless for over an hour when he found out, but after a while, even he realised that we were a great fit for one another. I likely never would have met Kaitlyne had we not gone to Sauder, where we were forced to mingle and network with our classmates, and for that I am very grateful for the experience. Having known each other for 10 years and dated for 4, it was time to put a ring on it, and in just over a year I will be lucky enough to call her my wife. Our story goes to show that the person you least expect to get to know, maybe even sits near you in class, might just be the perfect fit for you one day.

Jeffrey & Ruth

BCom 1976

UBC Sauder Love

Ruth Barchard (BEd Secondary -'75) was too cute in a short pleated airline hostess skirt to pass by - we both worked for an airline while at university and studied together at Sedgewick Library.  We liked to eat at the China Kitchen at the old Village. We married in 1978 and now have three adult children, 1 granddaughter and one grandchild on the way.

Cheryl & Alex

BCom 2012

Cheryl and Alex

It all started at FROSH. I was from Ontario and UBC wanted to make an example out of me to encourage others from out-of-province. So they hired a film crew to follow me around for the first week. When I arrived at FROSH, Alex didn't know what to think of me, I was loud, full of energy, and the film crew made me seem more important than I really was. She kept her distance at first. We were placed in the same group and assigned to share a bed. That night we dressed up in silly costumes for an event. Alex wore a pink fuzzy cowboy hat. She wanted rid of that hat and planned to 'lose' it that night. After successfully letting someone steal it, she returned to the hotel satisfied and went to sleep. I stayed out later, partying all night. Although we had barely spoken 3 words, I already felt a loyalty to her. Morning comes, Alex opened her eyes, the first thing she sees? That big pink hat. Not realizing she had meant to lose it, I had found the thief who had taken it, stolen it back, and returned it safely to her side. Looking over at me, Alex realized she had a new best friend. We spent the next 4 years inseparable. We partied, studied, exercised, went to concerts, volunteered, dated, napped, cried, crammed, stayed up late, drank, ate, danced, played sports, and shared a bed, together more often than not in that time. Alex was a rule-follower, I was a rule-breaker. We fit perfectly and brought out the best in each other. She was my rock during hard times and I was hers. I know she would have made it out alright without me (I'm not sure I can say the same for myself), but I still made all the difference in her life. They say the friends you make in university are friends for life. During our time we've had many friends come and go from our lives, but the two of us have never strayed. We have the best memories and we have each other and that's all I could've ever asked for. Thank you UBC Sauder.

Phil & Mary

BCom 2003

Phil & Mary

World Travelers: Mary and Phil first met in Henry Angus in 2nd year financial accounting class. Who knew that since then they would travel to over 30 countries together spread across 6 continents? Some highlights include:

* Mary visiting Phil in Ottawa in the winter while he did his co-op there, and them skating down the Rideau Canal in -30 degree weather. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it very far because it was so cold!

* Travelling across Europe in the summer for 40 days right after graduation, and Phil wading in the picturesque water fountains outside Buckingham Palace because he said he was too hot

* Having their wedding filmed on national TV on the Food Network’s “I Do…Let’s Eat!” where it captured them paragliding through the clouds, and celebrating in three ceremonies and two receptions on top of Grouse Mountain all in one day

* Volunteering for a summer as elementary school teachers in a poverty-stricken urban slum in Nairobi, Kenya, and being inspired by some of the most heartwarming and resilient kids they’ve ever met

* Having a lovely baby girl just two months ago and falling in love with her more and more each day

Mary and Phil look back at Sauder with fond memories. Phil loves it so much that he has volunteered hundreds of hours as a consulting and financial services industry mentor for Sauder over the past 14 years and recently joined the Board of Advisors for Sauder’s Executive Mentorship Program.

Danielle & Zach

BCom 2011

February 14, 2007 in the old Henry Angus building outside my OB classroom - that's where I met my best friend of many years; my husband. After a clumsy introduction followed by 4 years of platonic study sessions in David Lam, lunch dates at 99 Chairs, and many many P.O.I.T.S nights (to name a few of our old pass times), we started dating in our last semester. To be honest, I think we were the only two people in our class who didn't see it coming!

Life after Sauder has held so many adventures for us, our most recent one being our wedding on September 17, 2016. Surely no one is shocked to know that the majority of our wedding party shared the same STTs as Zach and I in first year. The best friendships are made in Gateman's ECON101, aren't they

We are so lucky to have met and shared so many experiences together as peers, and as partners on campus and beyond. Looking back on our time at Sauder always brings smiles to our faces!

Ali & Calvin

BCom 2014

Ali and Calvin

Ali and Calvin's love story started when Ali was in her first year at Sauder. Calvin was in his third year and was a teaching assistant for Comm 202. As fate would have it, Ali was lucky enough to have Calvin as her TA. However it wasn't until the following year when they both happened to be in Toronto at the same time, that they decided to meet up and both felt a spark.

From that point on, they kept in touch until they both made their way back to Vancouver, where they officially started dating. Many fond memories were shared at UBC, including one of their first dates splitting Blue Chip cookies and walking through the rose garden at sunset. They have been together ever since, and are thankful that their decision to both attend Sauder is what brought them together!

Dayah & Yahel

BCom 2016

Dayah and Johal

Bubbling with excitement for my first day of classes at UBC, I ended up sitting beside the friendly, curly haired Yahel in Comm 101. I snapped a selfie with him and we became Facebook friends, not knowing that we would soon become the best of friends. 

Although we pursued different specializations and joined different clubs, we were and continue to be tight knit friends. From countless hours in the CLC, yam fries from Triple Os (but not with chipotle mayo as he prefers honey mustard), and other UBC events, we shared so many memorable moments. Always ones to stay busy, Yahel and I continue to stay connected with UBC even as alumni, and continue to share our successes with each other.

Half a decade of being friends flew by so fast, and they’ve only brought us closer together.

Amy & Hazel

BCom 2016

Amy and Hazel

The first time I met Hazel was during the start of first year. It was great talking to her, she was funny and easy to talk to. We didn't exchange contact numbers, I assumed that I would probably see her again soon.  It turns out that the next time I saw her, it was during business week of second year, approximately a year later. From that point on, we had classes together, talked, and got to know each other. We shared our interests for food, especially desserts. We went on food adventures, trying out new dessert places.  It seems like most of the time when we hang out, there's ice cream. And of course, there's also great conversations. I am so glad to have met such a great friend like you at UBC Sauder, and I look forward to our next food adventure!