Support Priority Project: Decision Insights for Business and Society

The Power of Everyday Decisions: Building Canada’s first research centre in decision insights

High obesity rates. Pension crises. Water shortages. Climate change. Financial market collapses. What do these issues have in common?

No one person can be blamed. No single organization has the solution. Our greatest social, environmental, political and economic issues are created by all of us, every day, through the choices we make and repeat.

Decision Insights for Business and Society (DIBS): A Centre for Behavioural Research and Policy Solutions at the UBC Sauder School of Business will improve our understanding of decision-making and help people make better choices — choices that are better for the individual and better for the world.

Behavioural science builds on laboratory and field research to understand the complex combination of influences that lead to individual decisions and actions. In a business context, this can help uncover new options to address challenges such as ethical uncertainties, conflicting social messages, meeting the needs of different consumer groups, encouraging environmentally friendly behaviour and supporting financially sound decisions.

By forming mutually beneficial partnerships with the Centre, business and organizational partners will receive complimentary behavioural insights-based consulting, and Sauder researchers will be equipped to study test scenarios with real consequences. Unlike many singular solutions, the insights developed from this research can be adapted and applied to a variety of contexts in Canada and abroad.

Your support will enable us to establish the Centre and create greater, more widespread impact with our research.