Where Excellence Meets Ethics

“The hope is that students come out of their business programs as better people, better citizens and that UBC Sauder over time becomes the world leader on business ethics”
– Peter P, Dhillon

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Impact of Giving

Reshaping Business Education

“The BMO Aboriginal Business Teaching Fund gives opportunities to students who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise to go to university”
– Bianca Caroline Hervo Trottier

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Donor Impact BMO Landing Page Video

Making the Improbable Possible

“The Spitz Fellows Program isn’t just supporting me, it underscores the fact that it’s important Aboriginal women are represented in business.”
– Thao Atkinson

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Thao Video

In the Fast Lane

"The generosity of UBC Sauder donors allows us to pursue what we’re passionate about without having anything hold us back"
- Maia Brundage

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Leading with Confidence

“The more knowledge you have, the more opportunities you have to help your community."
- Karen Dunstan

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Karen Dunstan Video