Peter Lee

Peter graduated from UBC Sauder in 1989, at the same time a group of investment industry executives and local prominent investors founded a Vancouver-based investment firm specializing in trading and venture capital investments. He became a principal of the firm in 1990 and worked in the corporate finance department until 2001, when he sold his interest back to the firm to pursue outside investment interests.  During his years at the firm, he assisted numerous entrepreneurs in small to medium-sized businesses raising capital, restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions.  Since 2001, Peter has been an investor in various companies in technology, oil and gas, mineral extraction, and real estate developments.  His roles in these companies range from passive investment, to advisory as a principal, to controlling shareholder. He has continued his investment activities in Hong Kong and currently has investments in several companies based in Hong Kong and China. Peter currently sits on the board of KEY Admissions Strategy & Learning Enrichment, which guides applicants to top schools and universities.