Sandbox Technologies (Limited Support)

The following new online tools are available for experimentation and implementation, with limited support. Please contact us at for more information on these tools. If you feel strongly about the usage of any of these tools, please encourage others to also experiment so that if the demand is high enough, we will strive to have these technologies integrated into our fully supported Service Catalogue.


Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems

 Google Suite:

Google Calendar is a free online calendar to inform students of important course dates. Google Calendar can be embedded within Connect.

Google Drive allows you and your students to work collaboratively online.

 Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to survey, quiz or poll students directly on your UBC course blog.

 LearnDash (WordPress)

LearnDash is a plugin available in WordsPress course blogs hosted at UBC that allows instructors to create modules and a linear progression of course content. It also allows instructors to check student progress in those modules and displays a progress bar for the students.


Mailchimp allows you to post announcements on your UBC Course blog and have that post sent to all student emails. The emails are branded with a UBC template and reporting/analytics is available in the back end.


NVivo is one of the leading computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) packages, and is now available for both PC and Mac operating systems. UBC IT covers the cost of NVivo software for faculty and staff at UBC (see UBC IT website for details).


PeerWise is an online repository of multiple-choice questions that are created, answered, rated and discussed by students. UBC is a partner and is registered as a school.

Please go to PeerWise to log in for UBC


Qualtrics is an online survey platform. Its intuitive interface and powerful customization options allow users to create in-depth surveys with detailed question logic.


Snagit allows you to easily capture screenshots or screen captures (screen recordings) in a user friendly, easily shareable way. Snagit is available UBC-wide at no cost.

 Survey Tool

Create surveys that are securely hosted on Canadian servers. UBC's Survey tool is based on FluidSurveys.


A tool for the creation of collaborative webpages. Wikis are hosted at UBC at