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The UBC MBA class of 2017 is ready for recruitment. Of these exceptional, business-ready graduates, this is the story of just one. Contact our business development managers to view 2017 MBA grad profiles.

Laura Evans is the very definition of a “people person.” Before pursuing her MBA at UBC Sauder School of Business’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School, Evans oversaw a team of nearly 300 people for retail giant Target.

“The experience taught me how to lead big groups all across the country,” she says of her role as Executive Team Leader.

It also provided her an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the brand’s internal policies and procedures, something she did for Target for a full year before beginning her MBA.

“Working at the store-level made me excel at analyzing and executing head office’s vision,” she says.

Yet, as she looked to the future, she wanted to step up her career.

“I wanted to pursue an MBA at UBC so I could become one of the people who can help shape a company’s vision, not just translate it.”

During the UBC MBA, Evans was introduced to a new type of leadership.“In the MBA you’re leading leaders,” she says. “It made me a better listener. There are things I accomplished with my team in the MBA that I never could have achieved on my own.”

During the classroom component of the program, Evans built upon her understanding of business strategy.

“In Jennifer Brown’s strategy and business economics class we evaluated real-world case studies,” she says. “We analyzed what worked, what didn’t and what we would have done differently.”

This context gave Evans a better understanding of the forces at play in the business world.

“The world is a very complicated place,” she says. “You need to understand what’s going on in terms of the economy, the industry and the market before you can position your brand within that.”

Doing that in Canada is one thing, but while pursuing her MBA Evans also had the opportunity to travel and consult with a major conglomerate in Japan to solve some of their business challenges.

“Working with a company in a different business landscape added new depth to my business acumen,” she says.

Now that she has an MBA under her belt, Evans is excited about the prospect of using the tools she’s gained to help her future employer address their operations issues.

“I look forward to the opportunity to improve processes for major organizations,” she says. “I’m excited to analyze how their policies and procedures are working, where things can be streamlined, and how we can improve communication so business units can work together and achieve what they’re aiming for.”

“Ultimately my goal is to help them achieve their goals.”

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