Eliminating the supply chain gap

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Supply Chain and Operations have long fascinated Pawanjeet Singh Bajwa. An engineer originally from Mumbai, Singh Bajwa worked towards performance improvement at one of India’s largest companies for years before deciding to pursue his MBA at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

“I was building my technical skill set, but I was still thinking too much like an engineer,” he says. “I needed to expand my business acumen.”

After comparing MBA programs worldwide, Singh Bajwa decided to pursue his MBA at UBC Sauder to further his career in Supply Chain and Operations.

“Supply chain is the backbone of any industry,” Singh Bajwa says. “From acquiring the raw materials to getting the finished product to the consumer, supply chain makes everything possible.”

At UBC Sauder, Singh Bajwa’s Operations and Supply Chain Management courses introduced him to new methods and practical tools that proved immediately useful when Singh Bajwa landed an internship with Nestlé Canada in Toronto.

During his first few months with the company, Singh Bajwa built an automated process that leveraged sales data from customers and helped Nestlé diagnose supply issues quickly.

“The skills I learned in my MBA enabled me to build a tool that analyzed how well Nestlé’s products were performing,” he says. “It also helped us determine which quantities would be optimum to ensure product is always available to consumers, which is the heart of supply chain.”

Not only was Singh Bajwa’s work with Nestlé efficient, it was effective too.

“Where the company had been previously facing stock shortages during one of their promotions, they now saw an additional $100,000 in sales,” Singh Bajwa says.

“When we calculated that across different categories and regions, we saw a potential to do an additional $7-million in sales over the year.”

Now that he’s joined Nestlé full-time as a Collaborative, Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) Analyst, Singh Bajwa will help streamline the company’s processes in Western Canada. It’s a success he’s quite proud of.

“You can always find room for improvement in supply chain,” Singh Bajwa says. “That’s why I love it – there are always ways to make it more efficient, to cut out the waste, to eliminate excess.”


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