Program Overview

During your undergraduate years, you’ll engage in an innovative curriculum that gives you the business skills employers in all fields are looking for in their employees. We’ve designed our program to help you stand apart from others.

Core Curriculum

You’ll take a variety of Commerce courses that will teach you how to market your ideas, understand how to deliver products, and effectively build a career with practical knowledge. These courses will then count towards your Master of Management degree, which you’ll dive into after graduating with your Bachelor’s degree.

During your undergraduate years, you’ll be able to participate in activities such as co-op and international exchange.

Students will take the following courses during the length of their undergraduate studies. Undergraduate degree length may vary due to participation in opportunities such as global exchange programs and co-op. Learn about the course by clicking the course name below:

See the Program Journey in detail here.

Period of study

Master of Management Modules


Year 1


COMM 120: Business Immersion
(3.0 Credits)

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of management
  • Work on project teams
  • Get to know other students in your team
  Year 2

COMM 220: Business Communications & Ethics (3.0 Credits):

  • Study and practice forms of business communication
  • Learn about the distinctive elements of business writing
  • Learn how to present and converse in the business environment.
  Year 3

COMM 320: Financial Accounting
(1.5 credits)

  • Understand elements of concepts, principles and conventions of financial accounting
  • Develop analytical skills to interpret financial statements

COMM 321: Organizational Behaviour
(1.5 credits)

  • Learn about ten common problems faced by people working together
  • Sharpen your ability to solve organizational problems
  • Team-based work designed to develop interpersonal skills
  • Understand organizational concepts with industry examples, research, mini-cases
  Year 4

COMM 420: Marketing
(1.5 credits)

  • Learn fundamentals of marketing
  • Analyze purchase decision behaviour
  • Develop strategic marketing plans

COMM 421: Corporate Finance
(1.5 credits)

  • Learn financial analysis and planning
  • Gain knowledge to determine the treatment of debt financing and capital budgeting
  • Identify key issues in mergers and acquisitions