Fees and Finance

The UBC Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree is an investment in your future, but over the course of a career you’ll get back a lot more than you put in.

Covering the cost of your education will take some advance financial planning and comprises two main elements:


Tuition for the B+MM Dual Degree comprises the sum of your undergraduate program tuition plus the Master of Management tuition fee. It is paid in increments throughout your undergraduate degree, according to the specified schedule, below. The tuition for the Master of Management portion of the dual degree is $28,460 CAD** for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents (Landed Immigrants) and $42,006** for International Students.

Building fee

The Sauder School of Business Building Fee is a student-levied fee which all Sauder students pay, to help finance the renovation of the Henry Angus Building. The amount of this fee is $1,015.00 CAD and for B+MM Dual Degree students, the full amount of this fee is taken only at the time students are commencing their full-time MM program.

*Fees are normally established in April or May preceding the commencement of each academic year, but the University may change the fees at any time without advance notice.

The fee schedule is outlined in the table below:

Percentage of Master of Management fees
Year* First-Year Entry**
Third-Year Entry**
1 5%
Not applicable
2 5%
Not applicable
3 10%
10% 15%
70% 70%

*The program length will vary depending on the length of your undergraduate degree, and/or if you participate opportunities such as global exchange programs and co-op.
**The program fees are subject to increase every year.  Students will pay the percentages based on each year's total program fee.  

Application Fee

A non-refundable $40.00 CAD fee is required prior to the B+MM Dual Degree application being processed. Please note that the electronic application requires payment of an application fee using MasterCard or Visa only. Application fees cannot be deferred and are only valid for the academic year in which you apply.


Our scholarships are based on merit, going to candidates who display an outstanding combination of talent and academic achievement. Students will be automatically considered for a scholarship when they apply to the UBC Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree online.

We strongly encourage you to submit your application early in order to opt for our scholarship opportunities.  In addition to B+MM Dual Degree scholarships, students can apply for undergraduate UBC scholarships listed on the website.


Domestic students may be eligible to receive a student loan for their Bachelor degree coursework and then their full-time Master of Management degree coursework when it begins after they have completed their undergraduate studies. Review the Enrolment Services web site or contact an Enrolment Services Professional for advice on loan eligibility.