How can I apply for the B+MM Dual Degree program?

Step 1: Submit your online UBC undergraduate admissions application at
Step 2: Submit your Sauder B+MM Dual Degree online admissions application using the unique UBC student number you will receive after completing step one. This includes the submission of a 90-second video essay in support of your application

 How do I accept my offer for the B+MM Dual Degree program?

If you are a successful applicant, you will receive an admission letter for your undergraduate and B+MM Dual Degree programs. Please follow the instructions stated in the letter to accept your offer of admission to undergraduate and B+MM Dual Degree programs.

 What if I am not accepted into the B+MM Dual Degree program?

If your application to the B+MM Dual Degree is unsuccessful, you will still be considered for admission to your undergraduate program.

 How are my 1st and 2nd choices in my undergraduate application are considered for the B+MM Dual Degree program?

Once you have been admitted to either of your choices (1st or 2nd), you will be evaluated for admissions into the B+MM Dual Degree program. However, if your first or second choice is Commerce and you are accepted, then you won’t be qualified for the B+MM. There are only selected undergraduate programs at UBC that qualify for the Dual Degree so we encourage you to visit our website for more info: list of eligible UBC undergraduate degrees.

 How long is the B+MM Dual Degree program?

Typically, 4.5 years. To get a UBC Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree you’ll have to complete the requirements for your undergraduate program (four years), while also taking some business courses, and the Master of Management will start after graduation (six months). Please check the program overview and the course schedule.

However, students may take longer than 4 years to complete their undergraduate program, due to participation in exchange, co-op, or other opportunities.

 What if my bachelor’s degree is longer than four years?

If it takes more than 4 years to finish your bachelor’s degree in any of the eligible faculties at UBC, this will not affect your eligibility into the MM program as long as you meet the required academic standing. If you finish your bachelor degree in 5 years, you will stay another 6 months after graduation and finish your Master of Management. 

 Can I do Co-op/International Exchange in my undergraduate degree?

Yes, you can apply for Co-op or International Exchange positions within your undergraduate degree and still stay in the B+MM Dual Degree program. During the first four years of your undergraduate degree, you will only take four COMM courses as part of the B+MM Dual Degree program. Once you graduate from your undergraduate degree, you will then stay extra 6 months to finish the MM.

 What is the structure of this program?

You will take 12 credits of Business courses designed for the B+MM students throughout your undergraduate degree. In the summer immediately after your undergraduate degree finishes you’ll enter the Master of Management program full time for a six-month period. Learn more here.

 What happens to the B+MM Dual Degree program fee if I decide not to continue in the program?

If you choose to not continue with the B+MM Dual Degree program, please email to request to be removed from the program. The refund policy for the B+MM Dual Degree program fee follows the graduate tuition refund policy. Please keep in mind the deadline for withdrawing from the program because it can impact your fee assessment.

 If I choose to withdraw from my undergraduate classes, are the tuition fees I have paid refundable?

The undergraduate courses, including the B+MM Dual Degree Commerce courses, follow the undergraduate tuition refund policy. Please keep in mind the deadlines for adding or dropping courses because the date you withdraw from a course can impact both your finances and your academic record.

 What can you do with this kind of degree after graduation?

Depending on your bachelor degree and your interests, you can choose among so many different career options at the end of your graduation. The UBC Sauder School of Business' Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre will help you find your career path and help you get the job you are most interested in and which is a great fit with your passion and your skills. Read more about your career opportunities as our Masters of Management graduate.

 Can I apply for a scholarship?

Yes! You will be considered once you submit your B+MM Dual Degree application. 

 Can I meet someone for advising?

Yes! We would be happy to meet you and answer all your questions and concerns you may have regarding the program. Please contact us by email, phone (+1) 604-822-8422 or Toll Free (Canada & USA) 1-888-988-9895.