How to Satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR)

The English Language Proficiency Requirement must be satisfied prior to exam registration, however, if licensing is your intention we strongly recommend that you consider satisfying the ELPR prior to course registration. ELPR documents may be submitted before course registration or at least two months before exam registration. Original (or notarized copy) documents must be forwarded to us by courier or mail or presented in person at our office. We are not able to accept emailed or faxed ELPR documents. Please note that ELPR documents will not be returned. Therefore, students wishing to keep original documentation will need to send notarized copies of the original documents. The courier and mailing addresses for ELPR documents can be found at Contact Us - Licensing Programs.

As a requirement of the Rules made under the Real Estate Services Act for Real Estate Trading Services, Rental Property Management and Strata Management Licensing, students must satisfy the ELPR by achieving a level 7 or higher on each of the four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening) of the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program - General (CELPIP-G) test on the same test score report (scores from multiple test attempts cannot be combined) or in one of the following ways:

  • Graduation from a recognized university Bachelor's degree or higher degree program at an accredited university, college or technical institute at which English is the primary language of instruction.
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  • Licensed for real estate services in another Canadian jurisdiction with English language standards and have satisfied that jurisdiction's English language requirements.
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  • If none of the above apply, students are required to take the CELPIP-G test.

Please note: Exemptions will not be considered.