LPI Examination

Mortgage Brokerage in British Columbia students must write the complete Language Proficiency Index (LPI) exam and obtain an Essay Level 4 or higher in order to meet the English language proficiency standard. The LPI is required by the Financial Institutions Commission for the Mortgage Brokerage in British Columbia course. Real Estate Trading Services, Rental Property Management and Strata Management students, please visit the following page for English Language Proficiency Requirements as the LPI and related information is for Mortgage Brokerage in British Columbia students only.  

PLEASE NOTE: The LPI exam is administered by Paragon Testing (not the UBC Real Estate Division).

Further details regarding the exam and notification of LPI exam results can be obtained from the
LPI Test website.

The UBC Writing Centre offers an LPI preparation course for Real Estate students. Information on this course can be found on the Writing Centre website under the Academic Development Courses section.

LPI Results

To ensure that your LPI results are sent directly to the UBC Real Estate Division, please select the UBC Real Estate Division on your Score Distribution List during online registration, otherwise we will not receive your LPI result. Please note your LPI exam results are released by the LPI office within three weeks of publicly scheduled exam sittings, as stated on the LPI Test website.


If you did not write the LPI Results Distribution Code on your LPI exam, you may email your LPI examination result to lpi@realestate.sauder.ubc.ca including your registration and PIN numbers. The UBC Real Estate Division will verify that you have met an Essay Level Four or higher, and will post that you have met the LPR on your Course Resources webpage.

All students must include a current email address so the Division can contact you if necessary. If already registered, please include your student number.

Once the UBC Real Estate Division has received notification of your LPI results from the LPI Office, we will process your documentation within 3-5 business days. You may check your Course Resources webpage to see that the LPR has been met. We will contact you only if needed.