CPD Courses: REP Webinar FAQ

Registration Information

  • Register online for webinars.
  • Registration closes at 4pm Pacific Time the day before the session.
  • Sessions are subject to cancellation if insufficient enrollment.
  • In the case of session's cancellation or postponement, registrants may choose to receive a refund or to attend a future session.
  • In no other cases are there any refunds once registered.
  • Registrants are advised that sessions will be recorded and sessions may be broadcast to further audiences in future.


Students enrolled in a webinar are provided a printed copy of the course workbook in advance of the session and will be provided with supplementary materials online. Students are expected to have completed the pre-reading before attending the webinar. As well, students should print out a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for the sessions, for ease of note taking. A pdf of the PowerPoint presentation can be found on the course website, usually at least a day before the scheduled webinar.

Session Format

A webinar takes place in an online classroom. The webinar session includes a live narrated PowerPoint presentation that you access using your computer speakers. There is a live chat window for typing in questions and if you have a microphone, you can ask questions directly to the presenter.

Accessing the Webinar

Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with a Campus-Wide Login (CWL). With this, you can access the Online Classroom. It is very important to visit the Online Classroom well in advance since the process includes a test of your computer system to ensure it is working optimally. All the information you need is contained in the links below. You only need to run the "setup wizard" once.

Final Quiz

  • The quiz is 20 multiple choice questions, open-book, self-administered, and is intended to be completed in one hour.
  • When the passing grade of 60% is achieved, the successful student is mailed a grade letter and an award of recognition. This grade letter can be used as proof of successful completion of the course.
  • The quiz must be completed within one year of enrollment in the course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I attend a webinar?

A: The CPD course workbook is a comprehensive overview of the subject area, intended to be completed by self-study. However, some people say there is no substitute for a live instructor – and if we can’t offer a face-to-face classroom session in every centre across Canada, then a live online classroom is the next best thing! However, if you find the timing of the webinars does not work for you, you may wish to review the UBC Real Estate Division’s self-study CPD offerings.

You may also wish to read through this Learning Advisory article published in Canadian Property Valuation to learn more about how a webinar could work for you.

Q: Do I also have to complete an exam or quiz?

A: Yes, in order to meet the REP elective course requirements, you have to complete an online quiz in addition to attending the webinar. The quiz is 20 multiple choice questions, open-book, self-administered, and must be completed in one hour. The quiz must be completed within one year of enrollment in the course.

Q: How is the quiz set up?

A: You may write your quiz at any time, as soon as you're ready. The quiz is completed on the course website, 20 multiple choice questions, completed in one hour. The quiz is open book and is self-invigilated (i.e., you don't need someone supervising you). You need to achieve a grade of 60% to pass. If you do not pass, you may rewrite the quiz for a $25 fee.

Q: How difficult is the quiz?

A: The quiz is quite simple and straightforward in comparison to typical university "exams". Our goal is simply to ensure students have in fact read the course materials as required. The quiz is not intended to be exceptionally difficult, but just challenging enough that students must have read the materials in order to successfully complete it.

Q: Are the online readings tested?

A: The only readings tested are those specified at the front of the lesson(s) under Assigned Readings. In some cases these may include selected online readings, but usually all readings are provided in the printed course workbook.

Q: Is the webinar technology difficult to handle? Will I have to install software? Do I need any extra equipment?

A: The CPD webinars use the Horizon Wimba program. It is a web-based application, so no installation of software is required if you are using a modern web browsers. Wimba has a setup wizard that walks you through the steps to ensure it will operate property on your computer. Wimba is designed to be very easy to operate, with 5-10 minutes of orientation you will be ready to go. You do not need any equipment other than a computer and speakers, However, if you want to speak, you will need a microphone (and preferably a headset, to avoid feedback from your computer speakers while talking).

Q: What audio equipment do I need to participate in the webinar?

A: You will need operational computer speakers or headphones in order to hear the presentation. Most participants find that using headphones reduces the risk of “feedback” noise. If you are having difficulty hearing the presentation, you may phone in to listen in on the presentation. The phone number is (604) 638-5113. Click on the blue phone icon to access the PIN. Please keep in mind that long distance charges may apply. Note that a microphone is not necessary to participate. Students may wish to use a microphone to speak to the instructor and classmates, but this may also be done by typing into the text chat box.

Q: I have a slow (dial-up) Internet connection, can I participate?

A: Horizon Wimba is designed for low bandwidth users, keeping its graphics to a minimum to allow the widest participation possible. If you find your connection speed is too low, e.g., the audio is choppy, then you may consider dialing in by telephone instead. The phone number is (604) 638-5113. Click on the blue phone icon to access the PIN. Please keep in mind that long distance charges may apply.

Q: What are the minimum computer requirements?

A: In general, any relatively modern personal computer should be powerful enough to view a Horizon Wimba session. You may view the specific requirements here

If you have problems running Wimba’s setup wizard, you may wish to view the "Getting Started" document for some additional suggestions.

Q: I am having trouble running the Horizon Wimba setup wizard. Can you help?

A: Please see the "Getting Started with Horizon Wimba" document for suggestions on how to set this up.

Q: My session is about to start and my Campus Wide Login (CWL) won't work. What should I do?

A: Send an email to webinar@realestate.sauder.ubc.ca or phone 604.822.2227 (1.877.775.7733) and press 0 to speak to the receptionist. We can provide you with a direct link to your webinar.

Q: I am in the Webinar but the audio is choppy and keeps cutting out. What should I do?

A: This is usually the result of low connection speed. You may have a problem with your wireless connection - try plugging your computer directly into your router. If this does not help, then you may consider dialing in by telephone instead. The phone number is (604) 638-5113. Click on the blue phone icon to access the PIN. Please keep in mind that long distance charges may apply.

Q: I am having a difficult time hearing/seeing the presentation. What should I do?

A: Your first step should be to exit the room and re-enter. Many students will find that this fixes their problem. Alternatively, if you have not already run the set up wizard, you should do so. If the audio component is creating the difficulty, you should phone in to listen in on the presentation. If you continue to have difficulty seeing the presentation, you may wish to simply view the archive once the presentation is completed. Most courses also post the slideshow presentations used by the instructor, so you may review the material that was covered there.

Q: I have never been in a webinar, do you have any tips on how to optimize the experience?

A: Some tips on ensuring your Wimba experience is as optimal as possible:

  • Visit the Wimba site at least one day before and run the setup wizard, to ensure your settings are working -- otherwise you will miss the start of the session or waste everyone's time while they try to get you set up.
  • Show up at least 15 minutes early, so if there are problems, you can troubleshoot them before the session starts.
  • Do the pre-reading, so the instructor can quickly advance beyond the bare basics.
  • If you need to step away from your desk, use the "Away" icon, so the instructor knows you aren't there.
  • You can send a message with text chat to one person or to everyone in the class.
  • Use the icons to show how you're feeling: amused or laughing, confused, tired, happy, etc.
  • If the instructor asks a question, respond in text chat or using the icons (or with the microphone if you want, but don't use microphone excessively, as it disrupts the class).
  • If you want to ask a question, either use text chat or use the "raise your hand" icon. Either the instructor or moderator will respond as soon as possible, usually in a pause between slides. General questions should be sent to the whole class in text chat, not directly to the instructor.
  • If you are using your keyboard during the session, don't press the CTRL key -- it activates your microphone.
  • If you are having technical difficulties, contact the moderator directly with text chat -- they will help you out without disrupting the rest of the class.
  • Fill out the survey at the end, so we can learn from your experience and ensure these are the best they can be.

Q: Will I have to speak? What does "Active participation is mandatory" mean?

A: Participants may speak if they wish, if they have a working microphone. However, it is not required; Wimba also offers a text chat feature if you have questions for the instructor or wish to "chat" with other students. Active participation is mandatory, and this is achieved simply by answering polling questions during the session and filling out the end-of-course survey.

Q: Will I receive any formal notice of successful completion?

A: As long as you attended the session, actively participated (answered polling questions and evaluation survey during the webinar), and completed the online quiz (with a passing grade of 60% or more), then you will receive a letter of completion from our office. This letter can be used as proof of successful completion of the course.

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