CPD Courses: REP Self-Study FAQ

Q: Why should I complete a CPD self-study course?

A: The CPD self-study courses are intended to offer real estate professionals a highly flexible means of achieving professional development education. Our goal is to provide an effective and inexpensive option to meet CPD requirements and to get professional education that will help your career. The students learn by self-direction, with materials provided to cover the main points and then additional online materials provided for those who wish to go further. The self-study courses do not have the benefit of instruction – those wanting a live classroom environment may wish to review the UBC Real Estate Division's webinar offerings.

Q: How many hours should I expect to spend on this course?

A: The expected number of hours a typical student should spend in reviewing the course materials is 3 hours per lesson plus 1 hour to write the quiz.

Q: Are there prerequisites to the CPD courses?

A: Most courses have no prerequisites other than a general knowledge of business and real estate concepts. However, some courses do offer specialized and highly technical content and do require some specific prior knowledge. See the CPD course descriptions for specifics on prerequisites.

Q: What are the technological requirements? Will I have to install software?

A: It is mandatory that students have access to a computer for this course. Internet access is a requirement in this course, as without this, you will not have access to the many resources on the course webpage, including the course's final quiz. The course uses UBC's WebCT Vista system and modern computers (i.e., less than 5 years old) should be able to access this system without difficulty. The minimum technical requirements are as follows:

For PC Users:

  • Windows XP SP2 Home/Pro or Windows Vista Home; 800 mhz; 512 MB RAM.
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox 2 (latest browser versions recommended).
  • Dial-up/cable/ADSL Internet connection with a minimum speed of 33.3 kbps.

For MAC Users:

  • OS X 10.4; G4 800 mhz; 512 MB RAM.
  • Safari 3 or Mozilla Firefox 2 (latest browser versions recommended).
  • Dial-up/cable/ADSL Internet connection with a minimum speed of 33.3 kbps.

Q: I have a slow (dial-up) Internet connection, can I participate?

A: Yes! WebCT Vista is text-based and does not use high bandwidth graphics, videos, or animation. You may have to wait longer to view and download files, but you should be fine with a dial-up connection.

Q: How is the quiz set up?

A: You may write your quiz at any time, as soon as you're ready. The quiz is completed on the course website, 20 multiple choice questions, completed in one-hour. The quiz is open book and is self-invigilated (i.e., you don't need someone supervising you). You need to achieve a grade of 60% to pass. If you do not pass, you may rewrite the quiz for a $25 fee.

Q: How difficult is the quiz?

A: The quiz is quite simple and straightforward in comparison to typical university "exams". Our goal is simply to ensure students have in fact read the course materials as required. The quiz is not intended to be exceptionally difficult, but just challenging enough that students must have read the materials in order to successfully complete it.

Q: Are the online readings tested?

A: The only readings tested are those specified at the front of the lesson(s) under Assigned Readings. In some cases these may include selected online readings, but usually all readings are provided in the printed course workbook.

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