Statistical Software in BUSI Courses: SPSS

Several BUSI courses require the use of the SPSS/PASW statistical software. The choice of software depends on the course(s) that you plan on taking and the time period over which those courses will be completed. Please see below for a list of packages available.

SPSS Requirement* Workbook Instructions Based on: Minimum Acceptable Version: ** NCSS Alternative ***
Please see WARNING
BUSI 344

Standard GradPack
Students can choose either the 12 month, $109.00 + $4.99 download fee or the 6 month $62.93 + $4.99 download fee option.

BUSI 344 students please note, if you plan to proceed to BUSI 444 and/or BUSI 460 within 1 year, then purchase the 12 month option of the PREMIUM package.

Version 19
Version 14 Version 2000-2007
BUSI 444

Premium GradPack
12-Mo Rental is the only option.  $122.00 + $4.99 download fee.

Version 19**
Version 17 Version 2000-2007
BUSI 460

OPTIONAL ONLY: as of January 1, 2016, SPSS/NCSS is no longer required in BUSI 460 – its use will not be tested in the projects, assignments, exams. Interested students who wish to follow along with Lessons 7 and 8 can purchase the following.

Premium GradPack
12-Mo Rental is the only option.  $122.00 + $4.99 download fee.

Version 19
Version 14 Version 2004-2007

SPSS Installation Instructions and Orientation


* Software downloaded from SPSS Download Site. Registration with OnTheHub requires proof of course enrollment – this can be the Course History report (must show your name and current course registration); you may upload a PDF of this or fax a copy to the number provided.
** Minor differences between workbook instructions and SPSS v.20 are noted in a bulletin on the course website.
*** Supplement provided below for NCSS (Please see WARNING before ordering NCSS).

Software Information

Students are encouraged to obtain the necessary software from whatever source best suits their needs. SPSS may be ordered direct from IBM. NCSS software may be purchased from the Real Estate Division – contact our office for details.



  • WARNING! Note from the tutor: While the NCSS package will work for BUSI 344, 444, and 460, the course material and any online workshops are based entirely on SPSS. There are translation documents for SPSS to NCSS, but due to the SPSS focus of the courses, each term a few students who order the NCSS option comment that they wish they had instead chosen SPSS. SPSS is by far the recommended and preferable option for most students in these courses - students that instead choose NCSS do so at their own risk.

  • NCSS 2007: Alternative Software to SPSS. Can be used in BUSI 344, 444, and 460 (requires the use of supplements that explain software differences from what is shown in course workbook):
    - 2-year student licence; $95

  • Registered Students Only: The Real Estate Division can only sell software to registered students.

  • No Returns or Refunds: Software is not returnable or transferable, so please be certain the package you choose to purchase best suits your immediate and future needs.

  • NCSS Supplements:
    - NCSS 2004/2007 Installation Instructions and Orientation
    - BUSI 344 NCSS Supplement
    - BUSI 444 NCSS Supplement
    - BUSI 460 NCSS 2004 Supplement
    - BUSI 460 NCSS 2007 Supplement


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