Course Outline

Rental Property Management Licensing Course

LESSON 1 - Fundamentals of Law
LESSON 2 - The Real Estate Services Act and Professional Ethics
LESSON 3 - Estates and Interests in Land and Title Registration
LESSON 4 - The Professional Liability of Real Estate Licensees
LESSON 5 - An Introduction to Commercial and Residential Property and Tenancy Law
LESSON 6 - Strata Properties (Condominiums) and Co-operatives in British Columbia
LESSON 7 - Law of Contract and Law of Agency
LESSON 8 - Introduction to Negotiation and Market Research and Marketing
LESSON 9 - Leases and Tenancy Agreements
LESSON 10 - Local Government Law and Taxes on Real Property
LESSON 11 - Building Design and Construction
LESSON 12 - Real Estate Appraisal and the Appraisal Process
LESSON 13 - Financial Statements
LESSON 14 - Introduction to Mortgage Finance
LESSON 15 - Operational Budgets, Capital Budgets, and Accounting
LESSON 16 - Purchasing
LESSON 17 - Personnel Management
LESSON 18 - Controls, Maintenance and Energy Conservation
LESSON 19 - Insurance and Risk Management
LESSON 20 - Security, Environmental Protection and Hazardous Materials
AFTERWORD: The Final Examination

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