Course Outline

Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course
(formerly the Real Estate Salesperson's and Sub-Mortgage Broker's Pre-Licensing Course)

LESSON 1 - Fundamentals of Law and the Real Estate Services Act
LESSON 2 - Estates and Interests in Land and Title Registration
LESSON 3 - Land Ownership and the Law of Tort
LESSON 4 - Commercial and Residential Tenancies and Strata Properties
LESSON 5 - Financial Statements
LESSON 6 - Professional Ethics
LESSON 7 - Law of Contract
LESSON 8 - Contracts for Real Estate Transactions and Law of Agency
LESSON 9 - Introduction to Mortgage Finance
LESSON 10 - Interest Rate Analysis and Constant Payment Mortgages
LESSON 11 - Mortgage Law
LESSON 12 - Mortgage Yield and Cost Analysis
LESSON 13 - Mortgage Underwriting and Borrower Qualification
LESSON 14 - Local Government Law and Real Property Taxation
LESSON 15 - Building Design and Construction
LESSON 16 - Introduction to Appraisal and the Appraisal Process
LESSON 17 - Comparative and Cost Methods of Appraisal
LESSON 18 - The Income or Investment Method of Appraisal
LESSON 19 - Statements of Adjustment
LESSON 20 - Technology and the Real Estate Licensee

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