Appraisal Institute of Canada Applied Experience Exam

The Appraisal Institute of Canada has implemented Applied Experience (AE) Exams as designation requirements for both the CRA and AACI designations. The AE Exams are created by the AIC and are graded by CRA or AACI designated markers. The Real Estate Division administers these examinations on behalf of AIC. Candidates wishing to write one of the Applied Experience Exams can register for the exam and select their examination centre via the Real Estate Division's Course Registration webpage. Candidates must also send to the Real Estate Division proof of exam eligibility from their provincial AIC Office in order to complete the exam registration process. Registrations will be received, but not processed until this confirmation has been received by the Real Estate Division.

Detailed information on the examination content and on the examination process can be found on AIC's Applied Experience Exam webpage (AIC members only - requires login)

AIC Links: Available to AIC members only - requires login:

  • Accreditation: Applied Experience Exam Information, including:
    • How to Prepare for the Examination
    • Tips for Writing the Exam
    • Examination Writing Strategies
    • Exam Samples:
      - AACI Sample Exam / CRA Sample Exam
      - Applied Experience Exam Marking Worksheet & Marking Criteria: find out more about how the grader will evaluate your exam.
    • Frequently Asked Questions on Applied Experience Exam
  • Contact AIC - questions regarding exam content, marking standards, examination performance and exam grading.

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