BASC 525 Supply Chain Strategy and Analytics

This module deals with the tactical and strategic decisions in supply chains and networks. Students will be exposed to issues surrounding capacity allocation, product or stock location, management of supply activities, planning, and the design, size and layout of facilities. This module has two primary goals. The rest is to develop appropriate analytical skills, which provide students with the capability of addressing real world problems. Students are exposed to important quantitative and qualitative issues in specific operating situations and learn where to make trade-o s among them. The second objective is to familiarize students with the strategic issues surrounding the design and management of logistics and operations networks, including the benefits of integrating logistics and operations strategy with marketing and corporate strategy. Note. This course complements BASC 523: Supply Chain Management, which focuses on the challenges involved in managing a supply chain with multiple decision-makers, BASC 524 focuses more on the designing the supply chain. Since the design of the supply chain influences how it is managed (and vice versa), the two issues are closely related and there will always be some overlap while discussing these issues.

Please note that: BASC 523 was formerly BASC 514, and BASC 524 was formerly BASC 511.

Instructor Biography - Greg Werker

Course Outline - Class of 2018 (updated July 26, 2017)
Course Outline
- Class of 2017 (updated November 1, 2016)

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