BAIT 511 Managing IT

The unparalleled competition among businesses necessitates them to improve every aspect of their operations.  Today, information technology is viewed as the crucial element of the organizations’ success, if not the survival.  Information technology plays a critical role in shaping/supporting/enabling business strategies as well as reengineering the business processes.  However, as IT gets more integrated into the strategies and/or operations of the organizations, various challenges and issues arise. Today, more than ever, opportunities and challenges created by information technology are of concern to all managers of organizations. Firms have to exploit opportunities as well as get prepared for challenges. In this course, we will examine how IT in the new networked environment enables firms to conduct business in more effective ways so that they can obtain more value from IT. We will investigate the relationships between information, organizational structure, and strategies so that we can develop a systematic and sensible way to deal with managerial and organizational issues surrounding IT.

Instructor Biography - Ron Cenfetelli

Course Outline - Class of 2017 (updated November 7, 2016)

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