Modules: Broadening Your Business Expertise

Below are outlines for each of the Professional MBA cohorts. To view the outlines for your cohort, select one of the tabs below (entry year - graduation year).

The Professional MBA module outlines below are specific to the Professional MBA Class of 2020, and are subject to change. The list of modules offered to subsequent classes may differ as not all modules may be offered every academic year.

Please note that these outlines are posted prior to the start of each period, and the most up-to-date outline will be circulated by your instructor or found on your module Canvas site. 

Please ensure that you are referring to an up-to-date module outline when purchasing textbooks or course materials, and when planning your reading/studying assignments. If there is no up-to-date outline provided please contact the instructor directly.

Professional Residencies:

BA 501 - Professional Residency I
BA 502 - Professional Residency II
BA 503 - Professional Residency III

Required Modules:

BAAC 550 - Foundations in Accounting I
BAAC 551 - Foundations in Accounting II
BABS 550 - Application of Statistics in Management
BAFI 500 - Introductory Finance
BAFI 511 - Investment Theory and Asset Pricing
BAHR 560 - Building High Performance Teams and Organizations
BAMA 550 - Marketing
BASC 550 - Operations
BAPA 560 - Foundations of Managerial and Business Economics

Advanced Modules:

BAAC 501 - Financial Statement Analysis
BAFI 502 - Corporate Finance
BAFI 532 - International Financial Management
BAIT 510 - Project Management in Delivering Business Solutions
BAIT 511 - Managing Information Technology
BAMA 508 - Marketing Research
BASC 500 - Process Fundamentals
BASC 525 - Supply Chain Strategy and Analytics
BASM 514 - Strategy in Organizations

    ** Module topics are subject to change and are based upon scheduling and professor availability.