BA 562 Creativity

Creativity is the new black in business—a necessary and vital skill that, when nurtured, empowers you to generate success in novel ways with new ideas. Current research in experimental psychology suggests that creativity can be developed and refined, albeit with effort and practice. This module offers you a range of experiences and activities (Lego is involved) designed to focus and foster your own creative abilities, with the goal of empowering you to see problems clearly and to develop solutions unseen and unimagined by others.

Learn how to:

  • Apply creativity at the individual and organizational levels
  • Recognize your creative abilities and develop your creative acumen
  • Craft a creative organization by developing creativity in employees, managing creative teams, and executing a creative vision for an organization

This module combines lectures, cases, research papers, applied projects and Lego.

Instructor Biography - Jim Southcott

Course Outline - Class of 2019 (updated August 8, 2017)