BA 512 BSI: Experiential Learning

Experiential or “action-based” learning is an important component of business education. This module offers you a choice from two hands-on experiences for gaining vital business know-how:

1. Industry Project. Work individually to analyze an industry and gain a deeper understanding of an area you want to explore.

2. Entrepreneurial Project. Work individually or in a small group to create a detailed business plan for a new venture, or identify new business opportunities in a particular industry.

• Apply classroom learning to real-world business problems
• Negotiate an achievable project scope with appropriate stakeholders
• Effective teamwork, problem solving and communication skills
• Demonstrate achievement of project deliverables by producing a final report and, potentially, a presentation suitable for external stakeholders

A faculty supervisor will be assigned to each student or team of students.
Instructor Biography – Rob Prowse, Victor Tang, David Miller
Course Outline - Class of 2018 (updated May 4, 2017)

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