BASM 502 Corporate Strategy

BASM 501

The central question addressed in this module is how to compete in various market settings in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, and hence superior profitability. The competitive strategies of a range of firms are examined through analysis of case studies and lectures.

The fundamental question of strategy is both simple and difficult: “How can a firm earn long-run profits?” Learning how to answer this question will be the primary aim of this course.

A glib answer to this question is “Raise revenues and cut costs.” This would indeed raise profits, but it avoids the difficult part of the question. Namely, given a firm’s specific locations, products, financing, customers, and legal/regulatory constraints, what can it do to raise revenues? And, given a firm’s specific products, technology, organization, and processes, what can it do to cut costs? And finally, what can it do on either of these fronts that will not be eroded by the actions of its competitors, imitation, or new entry? These are all difficult questions, particularly when one asks them in the context of a specific company.

Note: BASM 501 and 502 are taught as one course and you will receive the same grade for both modules.

Instructor Biography - Perry Atwal

Course Outline - Class of 2019 (updated November 7, 2016)

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