BABS 540 Data Utilization

Data — raw quantitative and qualitative information about companies, customers, employees, or pretty much anything — is everywhere. In order to make good business decisions we must know how to utilize data. This course assumes you have a solid understanding of types of data, basic inferential methods, and ways to present data (e.g., from the MBA prep course). In this brief module we will cover several of the more common statistical models you will encounter in your careers. The goal of BABS 540 is not to teach you to be a statistician, but rather an intelligent and critical consumer of statistics. In order to do so, we will be working with data and conducting analyses while also focusing on topics such as when to trust data, what assumptions are reasonable, what a model actually does for us, and how not to be fooled by misleading conclusions.

Instructor Biography - Greg Werker

Course Outline - Class of 2019 (updated May 12, 2017)

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