BAAC 510 Cost Analysis for Decision Making

This course focuses on the use of accounting information in efficiently operating an organization. Management accounting has two major roles:

  • Decision-Facilitating Role
  • Decision-Influencing Role

As managers you need to know how to extract the critical accounting/financial data, dissect, interpret and apply it in a strategic manner. There is an excess of information generated by the corporations internal systems, therefore, you will be required to discern which information is relevant and paramount in the situation you are facing.

Management accounting has many facets, in this module we will focus on:

  • Cost Behaviour
  • Activity Based Costing & Activity Based Management
  • Joint Costing
  • Relevant Costing

These topics will be examined from a strategic viewpoint with emphasis on decision-making that is inclusive of both the long-term and short-term implications for the firm.

Instructor Biography - Rafael Rogo

Course Outline - Class of 2017 (updated December 10, 2015)

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