Descriptive and Predictive Business Analytics

BABS 507 provides students with a theoretical understanding of the basis of regression techniques, as well as practice with the application of linear models. These techniques are widely used in a variety of fields including business, economics, finance and operations research. The skills taught in this course are essential for any business analyst.

In this course, students will learn regression (simple linear regression and multiple linear regression) using continuous and categorical variables. In general, these models relate response variables to potential predictor / explanatory variables, and can be used to estimate parameters, make predictions or statistically control for certain variables. Students will become familiar with when and how to construct different models, how to assess the assumptions and goodness of fit, how to interpret results, and how to present these results in text and graphical form. Students will use the program R for statistical computing for the statistical analysis of real data.

Instructor – Martha Essak

Course Outline – Class of 2018 (Updated August 3, 2017)

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