BA 512 BSI: Experiential Learning

The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to apply the skills and knowledge developed through their foundational MBA courses to a specific business setting. The course builds on learning from BA 504 BSI: Foundation and BA 507 BSI: Global, deepening students' knowledge of a chosen business function and industry, and building their professional skills. Students will choose from one of three routes to achieve the course goals: an internship, an entrepreneurial project or an industry research project. Details of the three routes are laid out in the Course Description.

BA 512 BSI: Experiential Learning is a collaboration between the Hari B. Varshney Careers Centre (BCC), the Robert H. Lee Graduate School (RHL), and external partners. The course provides professional graduate students the opportunity to interact with business professionals in a real world setting, enabling their career goals, while still meeting academic objectives.

A faculty supervisor (or supervisors) will be assigned to each student or team of students. The faculty supervisors for the Class of 2019 are:

Course Outline - Class of 2019 (updated January 25, 2018)