BAMA 505 Business Development

Real world definition: Business development, common usage: the act of finding new business for an enterprise, the use of existing relationships with customers or previous customers to sell additional elements to these existing relationships.  Sometimes also defined as “Sales”.

Introductory information: This course uses the Business Development = Sales = Essential skill for business people = everyone today is in the business of selling thinking.  This course is focused on the learning of foundational skills with the intention of enabling students to create better and more successful selling encounters in whatever career they pursue. The knowledge and experience from this course can lead to a role in Business Development or Sales as a direct application of the skills; it may lead to Brand Management which interacts extensively with the Sales function; it could also lead into more entrepreneurial ventures in which the roles of team inherently include selling of the product/service or corporate concept itself as in investment pitches; or in its most simple form, the experience can supplement almost any student in selling their skills to an organization as a natural part of the hiring process or career advancement.

The course goals are: To provide introductory skills and applied experiences in the discipline of selling using the skill of building relationships that create value for both parties as its foundation

Instructor Biography - Ann Stone

Course Outline - Class of 2018 (updated June 2, 2017)

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