BAAC 510 Cost Analysis for Decision Making

This course focuses on the development of managerial tools to facilitate thoughtful decision-making within the firm. The perspective is internal and thus is not rule-bound but, strategy oriented. Management accounting uses quantitative tools in conjunction with qualitative analysis to reach a decision that incorporates both the short term and long term implications of management decisions. The key accounting information is the cost data that is used to facilitate decisions and to influence the decisions of others. This course emphasizes the analysis and application of tools to facilitate decisions. We first analyze how cost information is used in decisions, how costs behave within the firm specific context (fixed, variable, mixed or joint), how costs are attributed to products or services (activity based costing) and finally, how costs are used selectively (relevant costing) in the daily decisions of managers. The focus is on decision-making, not reporting. It is geared towards the future thus there are no journal entries!

Instructor Biography - Aklilu Mulat

Course Outline - Class of 2018 (updated February 8, 2017)

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