A student's perspective

The UBC PhD program in Marketing is rigorous and scholarly. The emphasis here is on building a strong theoretical foundation and acquiring the quantitative skills you will need to explore the research questions that flow from your theoretical insights. 

While expectations are high, the collegial atmosphere is highly supportive, and conducive to PhD success. Doctoral students and faculty members regularly stop by each others' offices to exchange and challenge new research ideas. The weekly marketing seminar series complements this by providing a forum where these concepts are presented and further developed. Perhaps above all, one gets the sense that this is a place where people enjoy asking questions - and delight in looking for answers. 

Doctoral students enjoy close, working relationships with faculty members in the division. The role is perhaps best described as one of "junior colleague," in which students primarily acquire knowledge from faculty, but offer ideas as well. This interaction is not merely encouraged, it is expected - meaning that one is driven to become a participant, and not merely a spectator, in the learning experience. The reward, for those who succeed, is a strong sense of professional satisfaction and personal fulfillment. 

Doctoral Student Research

Sauder School of Business has a hard-won reputation as Canada's preeminent business research school, and is a major contributor to such leading marketing journals as the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Consumer Research and Marketing Science. This results, in part, from the fact that the PhD program is a genuine priority here. Both the organizational culture and the promotion-and-tenure structure encourage active collaboration between doctoral students and faculty. 

Students typically become involved in research with faculty members by the end of their first year. By the time coursework is finished after year two, most are involved in two or three projects, making it possible to indulge a diversity of interests and learn from several different faculty members. 

Almost without exception, hard work and intellectual contribution ensures co-authorship credit on the research paper itself - something which does not always hold true elsewhere. 

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