Our Current PhD Students

At UBC Sauder, our PhD students have both diverse backgrounds and diverse research interests.

Student Profiles

We invite you to learn more about the emerging research our current students are undertaking in their fields of specialization. Take a look:

Duo yi
Yi Duo

BS, MSc (American University)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Corporate Political Connections; Audit; Financial Reporting; Corporate Governance; Political Economy

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Jing (Emily) Wang

PhD Candidate
  Yiqin (Pauline) Wu

BBA (Lingnan), MBA (Oxford)
PhD Student

Research Interests: International Accounting Standards; Auditing; Voluntary Disclosure;Corporate Governance

Yang Yue

BA (Beijing Foreign Studies), MSc (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Agency Theory; Corporate Governance; Family Business

Ray Zhang

BBA (Simon Fraser)
PhD Candidate

  Yuxiang Zheng

BS (Wuhan), MS (LSE)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Financial Accounting; Financial Analyst's Behaviour; Corporate Governance
  Khalil Esmkhani

BSc, MSc (Sharif University of Technology), MSc (Arizona State)
PhD Student

Guan Joyce
Xuejing Guan

BCom, MA (Toronto)
PhD Student

Research Interests:Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance
Hu Coby
Fang C. Hu

BCom (McGill), MA (Toronto)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Asset Pricing; Behavioural Finance; Macro Finance
Jiri Knesl

BSc, MSc (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Asset Pricing; Hedge Funds; Macrofinance
Fernando Kuwer dos Santos

BEcon (Rio Grande do Sul), MSc (Sao Paulo)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Financial Economics; Economic Theory
  Xing Liu

BA (Renmin), MFin (Tsinghua)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Corporate Finance; Entrepreneurial Finance; Corporate Governance
Guangli Lu

BEcon, MEcon (Nankai), MSc (Louisiana State)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Empirical Finance
Jose Pizarro

BEng, MA (University of Chile)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Asset Pricing; Household Finance; Macrofinance
Guillermo Hugo Ramirez Chiang

Bachelor (Piura), Master (Barcelona Graduate School of Economics)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Corporate Finance; Financial Intermediation; Industrial Organization; Applied Microeconomics; Household Finance; Banking
Jinfei Sheng

BA, MA (Nankai), MS (Texas A & M)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Empirical Asset Pricing; News and Financial Markets; Financial Intermediation

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Julian Vahl

BSc (Tuebingen), MSc (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Asset Pricing

Ching-Chuan (David) Wang

BSc (National Chengchi), MA (Duke)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance; Financial Intermediation

Jin (Iris) Wang

BCom (British Columbia), MSc (Queen's)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Corporate Finance; Shareholder Activism; Institutional Investors; Executive Compensation

Zhanbing Xiao

BA (Xi'an Jiaotong), MPhil (Chinese U. of Hong Kong)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Banking; Financial Intermediation; Institutional Investors

Tianyao (Terry) Zhang

BMath (Waterloo), BBA (Wilfrid Laurier)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests:Financial Intermediation; Investment
Management Information Systems

Amin Kh. Amiri

BSc (Shahid Beheshti), MA (Tarbiat Modares)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: IT-Business Alignment; Big Data Analytics; Enterprise Architecture; Information Technology Risk; Modernist Grounded Theory

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  Amir Fard Bahreini

Bachelor (Shiraz University), MBA, MSc (Oklahoma)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Cyber Security; Human-Computer Interaction; Online Privacy; E-Business

Hongki Kim
PhD Candidate
Daniel Papania

BSc (Witwatersrand)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Impact of Technology on Individuals; Online Social Networks; Human Computer Interaction; Ecommerce; Green-IS; Mixed Methods Research

Atefeh Taghavi

BSc (Tehran), MSc (K. N. Toosi University of Technology), MSc (British Columbia)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Information Systems Development; Requirements Determination; Information Systems Analysis and Design

Pattharin Tangwaragorn

BBA (Chulalongkorn), MSc (British Columbia)
PhD Student

Research Interests:
Human-Computer Interaction; Persuasive Technology; E-commerce

Ruijing Zhao

BMang, MSc (Renmin University of China)
PhD Student
Management Science

Sanjith Gopalakrishnan

PhD Candidate
  Hossein Piri

BSc (Amirkabir), MASc (British Columbia)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Health Care Management; Optimization Simulation
Forough Pourhossein

BSc (Sharif University of Technology), MASc (Waterloo)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Revenue Management; Optimization; Supply Chain Management

Lifei Sheng

BSc (Shanghai Jiaotong)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Operations Management in Digital Economy; Mechanism Design; Pricing and Revenue Management

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Weihua Zhang

PhD Candidate
Marketing and Behavioural Science

Johannes Boegershausen

BSc (Cath. U. Eichstaett-Ingolstadt), MSc (Maastricht U.)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Social Cognition; Marketplace Morality; Polarized Sentiments
Habib Rishad
Rishad Habib

BBA (Dhaka), MSc (Guelph)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Ethical Behaviour and Prosocial Consumption; Moral Identity; Reactance and Resistance to Pressure to Conform

Ray Charles (Chuck) Howard

PhD Student
Adam Kay
Adam Kay

BLaw (Victoria), MLaw (York)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Mindfulness Authenticity Moral Identity Prosocial Giving Corporate Social Responsibility

Email: Adam Kay
Ekin Ok

BA, MA (Sabanci), MM (British Columbia)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Consumer Behaviour; Social Influences in Consumer Judgment and Decision-making; Goal-pursuit and Self-regulation; Hedonic Consumption and Affective Forecasting
Yoonji Shim

BA, MA (Seoul National University)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Experiential versus Material Purchases Prosocial and Sustainable Consumption Consumer Self-Threats Consumption Emotions

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Wade Wade

BSc (Brigham Young)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Brand Loyalty; Consumer-brand Relationships; Prosocial Consumer Behaviour
Qiyuan Wang

Bachelor (Wuhan)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Quantitative Marketing
Fan Yang
Fan Yang

BSc (Sun Yat-Sen), MPhil (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Quantitative Marketing
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources

Natalya Alonso

PhD Student
Barnini Bhattacharyya

BA Hons (Delhi), MA, MPhil (Tata Institute of Social Sciences)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Race and Gender Relations at the Workplace; Prejudice and Discrimination; Power and Status; Work and Family; Identity
  Pascale Fricke

BSc (Arizona), MSc (Utrecht and Karl-Franzens University of Graz)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Cultural Values; Decision Making; Corporate Social Responsibility; Innovation; Organizational Learning; Multinational Corporations

Dennis Ma

PhD Student
Strategy and Business Economics

Cheng Chen

PhD Student

Navid Siami

BSc (Sharif University of Technology), MSc (British Columbia)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Industrial Organization; Environmental Economics; Urban Economics; Applied Econometrics; Identity

Xiaonan Sun

BEcon, MEcon (UIBE)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: International Trade; International Economics; Industrial Organization

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Chenying Yang

PhD Student
Transportation & Logistics
Kun Wang

BBA (Hons), MPhil (Hong Kong Polytechnic)
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Transport Economics and Policy; Aviation Management
Urban Land Economics

Justin Tyndall

BA (British Columbia), MA (Victoria), MUP (New York University)
PhD Student

Research Interests: Urban Economics; Public Policy; Housing Policy; Transportation and Urban Form