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Our last online information session was held on November 1, 2013. We will not be holding any other online information sessions.

You can watch a recording of the 2013 online information session and learn more about the UBC MM in OR program.  For the recording link and full instructions, please navigate to the Online tab at the bottom of the page.

Our online information session was held on Friday November 1, 2013.

You may view a recording of the online session here:

View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

  • Take a moment to run the start-up wizard for the webinar application.
  • Make sure you have good audio output and internet connectivity
  • When you see the Participant Login screen, enter your full name as a participant (no username or password is required).
  • Once you are in, click on the 02:44 time mark and you should be able to watch and listen to the presentation.


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