Stoney Chen

Stoney Chen

MM in OR Class: 2007-2008
Hometown/Country: China
Current Position: Project Manager
Organization: BC Children's Hospital


My COE Project: Evaluation of the Dual Stream Program for WorkSafeBC

My COE project was to help WorkSafeBC evaluate the effectiveness of their Dual Stream Program (DSP) designed to enable Nurse Advisors to get involved in injury claims as early as possible so that injured workers could return to work quickly and safely. Our COE team conducted in-depth data analysis and statistical testing to isolate the impact of the DSP so that an accurate assessment of the program could be made. The results showed that certain sectors and/or claim types showed a significant reduction in the period when the injured worker first returned to work part-time, though the period before the injured worker returned to work full-time often increased. We were also able to identify where the impact of the DSP was most and least significant.

My MM in OR Experience

In addition to the technical skills I developed from coursework in the MM in OR program, I also gained experience in areas like project management, business consulting and leadership. More importantly, the program opened doors to business and operations research opportunities. It allowed me to make close friends with competent and friendly individuals who shared similar interests with me. I was hired by BC Children’s Hospital before I graduated.

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