Nazanin Habibollahi

Nazanin Habibollahi

MM in OR Class: 2009-2010
Hometown/Country: Iran
Current Position: Senior Operation Engineer
Organization: Fraser Health


My COE Project: Statistical Analysis of Worker Injuries in Health Authorities for WorkSafeBC

My project client WorkSafeBC asked us to provide a clear picture of incidents and claims in the healthcare sector. The goal was to find the safest healthcare workplace (i.e., with best practices) and one of the most concern (i.e., the worst incident rate). With the COE team, I aggregated two databases of health care work-related injuries and performed a cross-regional statistical analysis of incidents, which involved data-cleansing and developing regression models and other statistical tests. The analysis enabled WorkSafeBC to conduct a thorough comparison for finding “the best practice” and “the place of concerns” in the health care sector in BC.

My MM in OR Experience

During the MM in OR program I was able to improve not only my hard skills in mathematics and analysis, but also my soft skills in project management, leadership and relationship-building. For me who came from an industrial engineering background and worked only in manufacturing, this program allowed me to be familiar with the service sector and to apply my knowledge and experience in this area. After I completed the program, I was hired by Fraser health as Senior Operation Engineer where I apply my OR knowledge in health care projects.

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