Marianela Pereira

Marianela Pereira

MM in OR Class: 2007-2008
Hometown/Country: Chile
Current Position: Operations Analyst
Organization: AMEC


My COE Project: Evaluation of Operational Capital Investments at a Mining and Metals Company

I led the development of a simulation model to evaluate different capital investment opportunities for a diversified mining and metals company. This methodology tracked the flow of material throughout the company’s complex process and captured the propagation of variability through the individual units of the system. The simulation model captured this methodology and was used to identify which existing capital investment initiatives helped one of the clients’ processing operations achieve a specific production goal. This framework and its application as an analytical tool were delivered to the client and enabled them to compare various alternative strategies and evaluate their impact upon final production.

My MM in OR Experience

The MM in OR program and especially the industry project allowed me to further develop my analytical and interpersonal skills. The program was the perfect complement to my industrial engineering background. Upon graduation, I accepted a position at AMEC, an international engineering and project management company, where I continuously apply my consulting and OR skills in mining and transportation projects.

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