Joey Uljevic

Joey Uljevic

MM in OR Class: 2008-2009
Hometown/Country: Vancouver, Canada
Current Position: Analytical Consultant
Organization: AnalysisWorks


My COE Project: Modeling for a Five-Year Strategic Plan at a Major Beverage Manufacturer

In my industry project, I worked with a major beverage company and built a decision support system to assist with their strategic planning. The project was driven by the need for long term planning within the logistics department, particularly on how to optimize the future use of their warehouses. With the decision support model, the client can move from making judgment call to evidence based strategic decisions. This evidence was driven by historical inventory and sales data, as well as future forecast data. To turn this data into action, I used skills I learned in mathematical modeling and programming.

My MM in OR Experience

Working with the COE team in the MM in OR program empowered me to step into the consulting world with skills that would usually be obtained from years of prior work experience. I met with executives, gave presentations to clients, and analyzed real-life, large-scale processes, and these are things that I would not have done in a regular classroom. Even during a recession, I was hired before my graduation by AnalysisWorks as an Analytical Consultant. 

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