Jinjin Fu

Jinjin Fu

MM in OR Class: 2007-2008
Hometown/Country: China
Current Position: Patient Flow Analyst
Organization: Vancouver Coastal Health


My COE Project: Customer Insight Studies for a Healthcare Diagnostics Company

The client of my project, a health care diagnostics company, wanted to understand the changes and trends in customer demand, to examine customer demand and pattern of utilization, and highlight possible changes in the business landscape. My COE team performed in-depth data mining and analysis which included various perspectives on patients, doctors, tests and travel distances. We created a market segment model to further examine the relationship between patients, doctors and labs visited, allowing the client to better understand the customers and factors involved. We constructed a prototype location selection model to estimate operational volumes and to predict customer behavior in response to the relocation of labs. The results provided insights into the behavior of doctors and patients and also the operational environment, enabling the client to make more informed decisions in the future.

My MM in OR Experience

During my projectI was able to work with the senior executives of my client’s organization. The project provided me not only an opportunity to apply knowledge I learned from school, but also the practical skills to succeed in the real business world. I was hired by Vancouver Coastal Health before my graduation.

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