Jing Chen

Jing Chen

MM in OR Class: 2006-2007
Hometown/Country: China
Current Position: Security Operation Analyst


My COE Project: Improving the Transport of Critically Ill Patients for BC

My project focused on improving the service provided by British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS) and bcbedline for inter-facility transfer of critical ill patients throughout BC. This is the first time where a patient transfer system was unified and explored as a single system from the global point of view. I with my COE team studied the variability, the causes and the controls in the system. Using various research methods, we provided recommendations targeting technology, personnel, system and policies, enabling our clients to achieve faster and smoother transfer of patients. We also recommended a way of measuring their performance and provided comparable future benchmarking. Our research has promoted cultural changes to these organizations and reinforced the merge of BCAS and bcbedline under one umbrella organization.

My MM in OR Experience

The COE project in the MM in OR program has not only enabled me to execute hands-on practices in real life situations using knowledge I learned from school, but has also greatly enhanced my leadership, communication and project management skills. This experience has allowed me to be competitive in the job market and brought a lot of excellent opportunities to me.

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