Amanda Armstrong

Amanda Armstrong

MM in OR Class: 2006-2007
Hometown/Country: Ottawa, Canada
Current Position: Vice-President and Co-Founder
Organization: Fortus Consulting Corporation


My COE Project: Introducing Life Cycle Cost and Performance Analysis for Asset Management at an International Shipping Company

My project involved assisting an international energy shipping company to design and implement a new process for the strategic management of their assets. The goal was to help the client make high-level decisions that would provide better outcomes over the lifecycle of their tankers in terms of performance, cost and risk. As part of the COE team, I led the development of a simulation model and turned it into a tool that the client could use to show estimated cost and performance as well as the risk involved when information about their decisions was uncertain.

My MM in OR Experience

In addition to data management, data analysis, and probabilistic modeling skills, the COE project allowed me to practice consulting and change management skills. The opportunity to practice the skills I had learned from the classroom was the pinnacle of the UBC MM in OR program. With the experience the project provided, I was hired immediately after graduation. This program was an excellent preparation for the work I’m now doing and the skills I learned have helped me stand out among other graduates. 

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