Academic Upgrading

Individuals who do not meet our academic requirements may require academic upgrading. Additional academic work is required in the following situations:

Non-competitive GPA
When an applicant's GPA is not competitive for UBC MM in OR admission, upgrading may be done to demonstrate academic ability. Upgrading for admission to the UBC MM in OR program may be done at UBC as an unclassified student or at any other recognized university. When upgrading, take courses at the undergraduate 300/400 level as these senior courses are used to calculate the academic average for MM in OR admission. Consider taking course topics which would assist in preparation for the MM in OR program. Courses in economics, business, statistics or engineering would be beneficial, but are not required. As each applicant's academic history is unique, those considering upgrading should contact the Centre for Operations Excellence to discuss the number of credits required and the courses recommended.

Length of Degree is not Satisfactory
Not all degrees require the same amount of time or credit value to complete. Because of this, some applicants may find that their degrees do not qualify for entrance to the UBC MM in OR program. For such individuals, we recommend completing further university courses to obtain additional credits to meet UBC MM in OR admission requirements. Please contact the Centre for Operations Excellence to discuss your individual situation and to determine the coursework required to qualify for MM in OR admission.

* Important Note: Unclassified students at UBC register after all other students. Many popular courses may be full and therefore, unavailable. Those wishing to study at UBC as an unclassified student must apply separately for admission to UBC, meeting all admission, document and deadline requirements.