Our Alumni Stories

Challenging. Transformative. Stimulating. Global. The UBC Master of Management attracts some of the brightest minds from Canada and around the world.

When you join the program you’ll quickly form a network of peers, professors and alumni that will sustain and support you throughout your career. But before you do, it’s worth finding out what the UBC MM program is actually like. Read about the experiences of students who have been through it and can tell you first-hand about the incredible personal and professional development on offer.

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Brianna Brown

Brianna Brown wanted a socially and environmentally aligned career. Now, she's using her UBC MM to explore opportunities in Toronto, the social finance capital of Canada.


Karan D'Souza

The UBC Master of Management gave Karan D’Souza the business acumen he needed to gain a competitive edge in healthcare.


Christina Meng

When Christina Meng decided to switch career goals from dentistry to business, her UBC MM gave her the skills to land a management role at communications platform, Slack.

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